Why can’t I log in to my account?

If you’re having difficulty logging in, check our Status Page, to see if there are any current technical problems affecting our platform.

If you are logging in for the first or second time, please check this article for various solutions.

I can’t verify my Typeform account

When you sign up to Typeform, we send you an email to verify your account. If you can’t find this:

  • Check your email spam folder. The email subject will be Activate your typeform.
  • Wait 15 minutes, the email may have been delayed.

If you still have not received your verification email, please contact support with the button at the end of this FAQ.

Can you build conditions or “skip logic” into the form?

With Typeform, conditions are called Logic Jumps. Here are our main articles explaining how to use them:

How can I copy a typeform?

In your Workspace, there is a Duplicate button, which allows you to copy typeforms. This article shows you how.

How can I move a typeform to another Workspace?

Read the article Workspaces to find out how to move typeforms

Can I copy a typeform to a different account?

We’re afraid you cannot copy typeforms between accounts.

How can I identify my respondents?

There are a couple of ways to identify your respondents. Read this article to find out how.

Can I pre-populate fields?

You can pre-populate typeform questions or statements with some data using Hidden Fields (Professional feature), which you can find out about here:

So, for example if you know someone’s name, you can feed that into a typeform, so it feels more personalized.

Can I upload questions and data into a typeform?

Short answer: no. When creating a typeform you have to write or copy/paste each one, one at a time. It’s not possible to upload questions or data you have in another product directly to a typeform.

You cannot pre-populate a typeform’s results, either. The only way to get results stored in a typeform is by people completing it. We think we make that a nice experience that people enjoy 🙂

Can I generate unique codes for each respondent?

You can create unique codes for respondents using Hidden Fields, so you can easily track who is completing your typeforms. This article explains how.

You can automate the creation of unique codes with a CRM (Customer relationship management) program, which is also detailed in the above article.

How can I get my results?

Typeform results live in the Analyze panel, which you see when you log in to your account, and open the typeform. Click here to find out all about viewing and using your results.

How do I edit submitted responses?

This is not possible on this platform. If you want to edit results, you need to download your results to a spreadsheet, where you can manually edit submissions.

How do I close my typeform?

If you want to stop submissions or take your typeform offline, this article explains how.

Can I use typeforms without an internet connection?

There’s no “offline mode” with Typeform. It’s designed to work only with an internet connection, which you need to load the typeform, and also to submit responses.

If someone starts completing a typeform but loses their internet connection, they can click the Submit button, but a message will appear saying results cannot be submitted, and to not close the page. The typeform will keep trying until the internet connection returns, as long as the browser tab remains open.

My typeform’s not working!

Don’t worry! Head over to our Troubleshooting article, which will help you fix things.