File upload: receive your files as an email attachment

Do you want to receive the files your respondents upload as an email attachment or have it uploaded to your Google Drive without having to go to your Typeform account? You can do this now via a Zapier connector as described in this article.

In our example we used a connector to Gmail. In order to set this up it is important that you:

Go to your Zapier account and click on Make a New Zap button to create the connector.

File upload Zap 01

Step 1

  • Choose a trigger app (Typeform) and an action app (Gmail)
  • Choose a trigger (New Entry) and an action (Send Email).

File upload Zap 02

Step 2

Select your Typeform account: to connect a new Typeform account you will need to plug in your personal API key, found under the API heading in the My account section of your Typeform account – remember to test it!

Step 3

Select your Gmail account: to connect a new Gmail account you will be asked to allow Zapier to access some of your information – test the account, too.

Step 4

Filter Typeform triggers: select your specific form (in our case “File Upload Zapier”)

File upload Zap 03

Step 5

Match up Typeform Entry to Gmail Email: add the email address(es) that the file attachments should be sent to. Remember to fill in all Required fields (To, Subject and Plain Body).

File Upload Zap 04

Step 6

Test your Zap! After you test it, check your Gmail account and you should see the test submissions you did earlier in your inbox.

Step 7

Name your Zap and turn it on.

That’s it! Each time someone uploads a file to your typeform you will receive an email with the file in attachment!

You can also follow the same steps and have the uploaded files sent directly to your Google Drive rather than your email.

You can integrate your typeform with more than 300 online services. To learn how, please refer to the article Connect your typeform to your favorite tools.

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