Find out about your customers with a Persona Survey

So you want to know what kind of people use your product or service? This is essential for deciding how to update and improve, and with a typeform, getting this information is simple.

Personas, in marketing, are idealised characters you create by looking at your customers. By finding out who is using your product, you can build a picture of those ideal people, and model your sales and marketing towards them.

You can find out what kind of people like certain things, where there are pain points, and who experiences them most. Are marketers your main users? Are you popular with Human Resources? Maybe you’ll be surprised to find out you have a huge following of bakers, and they are heavy users of your Help Center! If you don’t ask, you might never know-so a Persona Survey can be immensely helpful.

This article shows you how we built a typeform to find out about our community.

1. Our Persona Survey starts off with a Picture choice question:Persona Survey 1We want to know how we can help typeformers get more out of our product. More Help Center articles? Templates? This will help us find out.

2. We add Logic Jump, so if they choose nothing, we send them directly to a question about PRO features. But if they do choose an option, they are taken to a follow up question where they can give us more details.Persona Survey logic jumps3. Here’s our follow up question. It uses Variables to pipe the answers from the preceding Picture choice into the question. Write your question in the field, and choose the corresponding question from the “+Add variable” drop down menu.Persona Survey variableSo, if a respondent picks ‘Templates’ in question 1, for example, they’ll see:

Persona Survey piped answerThis is a Short text question, so people are free to write whatever they want.

If you’ve previously ran a survey like this, you could also make this a Multiple choice question, with popular answers you expect people to give, plus an ‘Other’ choice for new answers.

4. Here’s the question about which PRO features the respondent has used:Persona Survey PRO features

5. Next up, we want to know about pain points in our product. This Multiple choice question asks which PRO features people don’t fully understand. This will give us excellent insight – it’s not always easy to understand your product from an outside point of view. Sometimes what you think is simple can be tricky for your users, and even vice versa!Persona Survey PRO misunderstoodNext, we want to find out more about our respondents, so we can build up our personas.

6. We ask a pair of questions – which industry best describes your organization, and what department do you work in? The first is a Dropdown question, giving respondents a predetermined list to choose from, and the second a Multiple choice.Persona survey industry

Persona Survey IndustryWe’ve added an ‘Other’ field to the Multiple choice, which you can see in the Settings area, above. This allows respondents to add their own answer if it’s not included in our list.

7. Then we want to find out why people are using typeforms. We ask a Multiple choice question ‘What do you use typeforms for?’ We have a pretty good idea what people do with typeforms, so we can give a predetermined list, but add an ‘Other’ option too, as people are endlessly surprising!Persona Survey use8. The last thing we’d like to know is how big their organization is, again with a Multiple choice question:Persona Survey organization sizeThat’s all the information we want for now!

9. We finish on a light note, with a fun Rating question about how happy we are to get feedback.Persona Survey ratingAs you can see, we chose the Hearts shape for the rating!

10. And on our Thank You screen, we show you exactly how happy we are with a GIF we created:Persona Survey Thank you screen11. We also use Hidden Fields, so we can identify who has responded to our survey.Persona Survey Hidden FieldsWe send out the survey to our community: This Hidden Field is automatically filled by our emailing system. You can do the same by integrating your typeform with an emailing system like MailChimp. Find out how.

Once you’ve shared your Persona Survey and collected results, you can download them, and analyze and learn about your audience. Find out more about working with your results.

For more on creating surveys, check out this guide.