Font library

At present, there are 26 fonts available on Typeform. They’ve been selected to make your questions highly readable and good-looking on any device, while offering the variety required to fit a wide range of visual styles.

To choose the right font for your typeform:

  1. Open a typeform,
  2. go to your typeform’s Design panel,
  3. go to the Fonts section,
  4. select the font type that best suits your brand,
  5. you will preview the changes on your typeform’s appearance as you change the active font.
  6. and click on Apply to typeform.


The full list of currently available fonts is: Acme, Arial, Arvo, Bangers, Cabin, Cabin Condensed, Crete Round, Dancing Script, Gergia, Handlee, Helvetica (Mac), Helvetica Neue (Mac), Karla, Lato, Lekton, Lobster, Lora, McLaren, Montserrat, Old Standard TT, Open Sans, Oswald, Playfair, Signika, Source Sans Pro, and Vollkorn.

Font library

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