Generate monthly reports

Do you have a survey that’s active and open to respondents all year round? Or maybe you send one out on a monthly basis to your clients? Either way, wouldn’t it be nice if you could have a separate report of your data for each month so you can follow trends?

With a bit of planning, you can generate reports for a certain time period. Just follow these steps:

  1. Add a new Workspace and give it a name that reflects the survey that will be tracked (e.g. “Customer Satisfaction”). The following steps take place inside this Workspace.
  2. Create the typeform and add a unique tag to its name (e.g. “Customer Satisfaction – January 2016”).
  3. If you’d like to track your chosen metrics on a monthly recurring basis, and the month end is close, simply duplicate the first survey and edit the name of the replica accordingly (e.g. “Customer Satisfaction – February 2016”).
  4. On the first day of the month, remove the first survey from your website and replace it with the second one. If you share your typeform in an email on a monthly basis, make sure you distribute the URL of the new typeform. 
  5. Repeat this process on a monthly basis.

This will allow you to view the Reports (and results) for each individual survey – or add the monthly data to a spreadsheet for easy tracking over time.

If you have a different typeform that tracks different metrics over time, then create an entirely new Workspace for that survey (e.g. “Staff Quarterly Reviews”) and repeat steps 2–5.

What to do if you need a Report for a certain period of time but the typeform has been collecting data for longer:

For existing forms that have collected data over a long period of time you can do the following.

  1. Export the corresponding results to a spreadsheet,
  2. Then delete those survey responses from the Results table that you don’t want to display in your Report.

You will then be able to generate a new Report reflecting only the period you are interested in (since they were the only ones that you leave in the system).

Alternatively, you can set up monthly reports with a scheduled Digest using Zapier.

Read more about Digest by Zapier, and our complete instructions to setting it up for your typeforms.