Gleam show how to make a signup form for agencies

Gleam use a typeform to sign up agency clients for their suite of apps, designed to help businesses grow. They created a branded template, duplicate it in their Workspaces, and adapt it to the kind of clients they are looking for. Find out how to build it below. Read more about Gleam’s story over on our blog, a little more human.

1. The form starts with a Welcome screen. And this is a great example of a well-branded Welcome screen:

Gleam 1

They wrote a nice introduction, and edited the Start button (to say ‘Get Started”).

2. Gleam uploaded a logo, and went to the Design panel to add a cool background image, and select a color scheme that fits their brand. Note that the brightness has been adjusted, so the background image isn’t too intrusive.Gleam 2

3. Gleam wanted the essentials from their potential agency clients, so keeping short and to the point is a good idea.

They collect contact and personal details with Short text questions, and an Email question:Gleam 3

4. Then a Number question lets Gleam ask the size of the agency.Gleam 4

5. They use a Multiple choice question to check which Gleam products the client is interested in.

Gleam 5

6. This is followed up with a Short text question letting clients explain if they use similar solutions to Gleam already.

Gleam 6

7. Two Number questions ask how many clients the agency expects to use Gleam, and then how many employees will use it:


8. The typeform finishes up with a Multiple choice question asking for the agency’s annual budget, and a Short text question in case they have any specific or custom requirements.

Gleam 8

Budget is essential knowledge, of course! Depending on what the client answers, they will be sent to different Thank you screens.

Gleam offer agency plans above a certain price, so if the prospect has given a lower budget, a Logic Jump sends them to a Thank you screen suggesting an individual plan. If the budget meets Gleam’s pricing, Logic Jump sends them to a Thank you screen for Agency Plans.

Here’s how they set up Logic Jump:


9. Here’s the Short text question allowing people to give more details about their request:

Gleam custom requirements

10. Both Thank you screens use customized Thank you screens, with a link which sends leads to Gleam’s site where they can find more useful information, or set up a call.

Gleam Thank you screen 1


11. To make sure they never miss a lead, this typeform has Self Notifications activated, so an email is sent every time an agency completes the typeform. Find out how to activate them.

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