Grow your Drip list and get to know your customers with Typeform

With this integration, you can collect leads and subscribers to add to your Drip campaigns. Use our conversational forms to collect contacts and leads, and we’ll automatically add them to your Drip list.

What you need:

Here’s how to set up

1. Log in to your Typeform account, and open the typeform you want to integrate with Drip. Click Connect to see all our integrations:

Now you can see the Drip application, click the Connect button to set up the integration.

2.You’ll be asked to log in to Drip, or connect an existing account if you’ve previously connected one to Typeform:

3. Now you need to tell us which Email question you want to send data to Drip:

4. Now you have the option to connect other questions to Drip custom fields (that you’ve already set up in Drip):

5. Hit Let’s do this, and you’ll see more dropdown menus:

All compatible questions from your typeform will be shown on the left, while corresponding Drip custom fields are on the right. Connect them in whatever way makes sense for your campaign, then click I’m done.

6. You can also turn some answers from your Typeform into Drip subscriber tags:

To do this, your form must have a Multiple/Picture Choice question, or a Dropdown question. Set up your question with all the possible tags you want to connect to your subscribers.

7. As you’re collecting personal data… we need to talk about the law!

If your respondents are in the European Union, they fall under GDPR regulations, and you must ask for their consent to collect their data. To do this, make sure to add a Legal question to your typeform before setting up this integration.

Select your legal question from the dropdown, so this consent is collected in your Drip subscriber list:

8. Now you’re integration is set up, click I’m done:

9. To finish up, click Activate integration:

10. You’ll be sent back to the Connect panel. The Drip integration will have a green toggle, so you can turn it on and off. Click the three dots menu to delete your integration.

11. Now you can share your typeform, and watch your Drip lists grow.