Hide following questions using Logic Jumps

When answering a typeform, respondents can see the question following the one they are answering. But you may not want to reveal the next question until the current one has been answered. To hide following questions, you simply need to add Logic Jumps.

Let’s look at a couple of examples:

1. Here’s a simple typeform that asks for your name, and then uses Recall Information to add that name to the next question asking for your email address. But without Logic Jumps, respondents will be able to see the email question under the name question. This includes the space where their name will appear once they’ve answered question one.

This kind of breaks the ‘conversational magic’, so I’d like to hide question 2 until 1 has been answered.

To achieve this, I add a Logic Jump to question 1. Click the Logic symbol (highlighted on the left, and the add a Logic Jump like the one here:

With this Logic Jump applied, now the typeform will hide the Email question until the previous one has been answered:

2. So how would you do this with a Multiple Choice question? I’ve added the following question, ‘And what’s your favorite number?’. This method also works with Yes/No questions.

To hide the follow-up statement, I have to add Logic Jumps for each choice: