How can I cancel my PRO subscription?

If you need to cancel your PRO subscription we’ll be sad to see you leave us, but we understand that’s how it goes sometimes!

Your PRO subscription automatically renews at the end of each billing cycle. You can check the date of your next invoice in the Plan + Billing section of your account (dates are displayed in European format: DD/MM/YYYY). Your cancellation will take effect from the last date of this billing period, whether that’s monthly or yearly.

How to cancel your PRO account

1. Click on the Plan + Billing section from the drop-down menu in the top right corner.

Screenshot showing location of Planning + Billing option

2. Now you’re in the Plan + Billing section, scroll down the main panel, and you’ll see a button to Cancel subscription. Click this to continue.

3. Now you’ll see a screen checking you really want to do this:

If you’re sure, scroll down to reveal the button I still want to downgrade

What happens next?

Once you’ve completed all these steps, your account will be downgraded to BASIC when your current billing period is over. You’ll be able to see this in the Plan + Billing section:At the end of the billing period, any typeforms you have that use PRO features will get tagged as “PRO Trial” and set to Private mode by default.

However, the results that you have collected until the moment your account is downgraded to BASIC will always remain available for you. They will not be blocked or deleted and you will be able to view them and download them as usual.

As described in our Payment terms, Typeform will not refund any amount nor grant any credit for subscriptions that are canceled before reaching their end date.

You can resubscribe to one of our PRO plans anytime to regain access to the PRO features.