How to build a catered lunch menu selection form

One of the perks at Typeform is free lunches. Feeding 100+ people and their guests, managing who eats what, and who has a day off, could have been a nightmare. But thanks to a typeform, and MailChimp integration, the process is as seamless as it can get.

This is our lunch menu selection form:

In order to build a Lunch menu order form similar to this follow these steps:

  1. Add a Welcome screen, like the one you see above, and make sure the text of the button encourages your audience to select their menu.
  2. Add a Multiple choice question and add “MONDAY” to the question text.
  3. Enable the Description field, and describe the omnivorous and vegetarian options here.
  4. Add two choice labels to the question: Omnivorous and Veggie. How to build a catered lunch menu selection form 01
  5. Make sure you save the question. How to build a catered lunch menu selection form 02
  6. Now you have the menu selection for Monday. All you have to do is duplicate this question four times, so you’ll have five of them (one for each workday). You can do this from the Build panel by clicking on the Duplicate icon: How to build a catered lunch menu selection form 03
  7. Open the copies of the original Multiple choice question one by one, and edit:
    1. The day of the week
    2. The description of the omnivorous and vegetarian choices
  8. Our caterers like to keep their customers (us) happy, so they give us an opportunity to give feedback. We follow up the menu selection part with a Long text question asking for suggestions or complaints. We advise you do something similar. How to build a catered lunch menu selection form 04
  9. Add a branded Thank You screen.
  10. Enable Hidden Fields in the form and add “name” and “email”. How to build a catered lunch menu selection form 05Since you’ll know who the customers are, you can pass this data to the form. This will help identifying who filled in the menu selection form. We even use a MailChimp integration to send a personalized message and automatically populating the URL parameters (or Hidden Fields) in the form’s URL. You can do the same, just follow the instructions in this article.
  11. Go over to the Design panel and add a design that suits your brand. Go to this article for some tips and tricks.
  12. Next, head to the Configure panel to set up Respondents notificationsHow to build a catered lunch menu selection form 06
    1. Select the email from the Hidden Field in the Send a notification to drop-down menu.
    2. You may want to edit the Reply to field: add your email address if you’d like to enable your audience to respond to the automated email.
    3. Configure the Subject line.
    4. Configure the message in the email: you can pipe the answers to the Multiple Choice questions here, from the +Add variable drop down menu.
    5. Make sure the Respondent notifications are currently toggle is “ON”
    6. Finally, click on the Update settings button

Your form is ready to go!

If you send it on a weekly basis, here’s how to create a new version in just a few minutes:

  1. Duplicate the form. You can do this from the Workspace: How to build a catered lunch menu selection form 07
  2. Edit the menu choices in the Multiple choice questions in your duplicated typeform
  3. Enable Hidden Fields
  4. Configure the Respondent notification email. Anything set under the Configure panel will not be copied when duplicating a form!

Check out the Typeform Blog to learn about more ways we use typeforms!