How to build a Churn survey

It’s sad when someone wants to downgrade or stop using your service, but it can be a useful time to learn how to improve. We use a churn survey that account holders can complete to give us feedback.

Churn surveys are always a work in progress, so this guide may not exactly mirror what people see when leaving Typeform today, but the general principles are always valid. Here’s how we build our Churn Survey:

1. We don’t need a Welcome screen, as we want to get straight to the point. Our opening Statement just says “We’re really sorry to see you leave us”, before leading respondents to a simple rating question.Churn Statement

2. This Rating question just asks for a score out of 10 regarding general experience with Typeform. It’s a simple way to start, and lets us know whether we’re dealing with a happy person or not.Churn Rating question

3. We also added Calculator to this, so our survey responds to whether the user was happy or not (we’ll explain why below).Churn Calculator

4. As a follow up, we added a Multiple choice question that asks “What made you cancel your subscription?”. We’ve listed the most common reasons, and switched the “Other” option to “ON”.Churn Multiple choice

5. Each choice is going to lead to a different follow up question or questions, so we added Logic Jump that takes respondents to them. Here’s the start of those Logic Jumps.Churn Logic

6. See that the the last Logic Jump is “…. is not Range of features”. This triggers when someone chooses “Other.” Read more about how to set Logic Jumps for “Other” choices.

7. Here’s the set of follow up questions. What you put here very much depends on your needs. We have a mix of Multiple choice questions and text questions which give people more freedom to answer. We added additional Logic Jumps to every follow up question, so irrelevant ones are hidden.Churn follow up questions

8. To finish, we give respondents another chance to leave us a message with a Long text question.Churn Long text

9. We add Logic Jump to this question, based on the score that Calculator gave us in the Rating question back at the start. If the rating was lower than 6 points, we send them to a Thank You screen that reflects bad feedback. If the score is greater than 7 points, we send them to a Thank You screen that reflects a positive experience with Typeform.Churn Thank You screens

Of course, you can create more Thank You screens if you want, for a greater variety of scores (or emotions).

Try out this Churn survey for yourself:

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