How to edit a typeform that’s already live and collecting responses

When making changes to a typeform that’s already live (collecting responses), here are a few guidelines we recommend you follow.

How to edit a live typeform safely

By default, your Typeform account will have autosave turned on. This means you won’t lose work while you’re creating your typeform.
But once your typeform is live and collecting responses, you might still want to edit it. In this case, you may want to edit and change your typeform, but not have those changes visible to people until you’ve finished.

1. Go to your Workspace and open the typeform you want to edit.

2. Click Saved in the top right corner to turn off autosave:

Turning off autosave means you can make changes without them appearing online, until you manually hit save. This is safer than using autosave, which may result in partially completed changes appearing online to respondents.

You can do any of the following even while the form is live:

    • Toggle the Multiple Selection button
    • Change the design
    • Correct a typo
    • Add/remove images or videos
    • Add/remove or move question fields
    • Hide a question field with Logic Jumps: add a Logic Jump to the previous question and set “ALWAYS jump to <add the Question that follows the one you’d like to hide here>”.

Toggle the Multiple selection button

You can toggle the Multiple selection button on Picture Choice /Multiple Choice questions once you’ve collected results. However, if you do so you will see a warning, as this will delete results collected on that question forever!

If you want to use this toggle without losing results, you have two options. Export those results before they are lost, or duplicate your typeform and make changes to that one.

When creating a copy of your typeform only the structure will be duplicated, not the results. So you keep your results so far in the original typeform, and can edit and re-share the duplicated version to get more results.

Add/remove or move question fields

If you’d like to add or remove questions that have already collected results, the best practice is to follow these steps:

      1. Close your typeform so respondents cannot access it while you are doing maintenance work.
      2. Export your results into an .XLS spreadsheet so you won’t lose them (if you remove questions, all results collected for that question will also be removed!).
      3. Remove the data collected under the Results > Responses section – select all the answers then click the Delete button at the bottom.
      4. Now you can make changes to the typeform’s questions and structure.
      5. Remember to open your typeform again once you’ve applied the necessary changes!