How to remove PRO features from your typeform

Is your typeform tagged as “PRO”? Not sure why this is happening or what to do?

We created PRO Trial to give you the opportunity to test PRO features for free. All PRO typeforms under a BASIC (free) account will be tagged as “PRO” and set to closed by default.

Screenshot showing how typeforms are tagged with PRO

Don’t worry, though, it’s pretty easy to detect and remove these PRO features and make your typeform public.

Why is my typeform tagged PRO Trial?

Any typeform using the following features will be tagged as PRO:

If you have a typeform that is tagged as “PRO” it means the form has at least one of the above PRO features enabled.

To be able to switch your typeform to Public mode, you’ll have to remove the “PRO” tag. And to be able to do that, you’ll have to make sure you disabled every PRO feature in your typeform.

How do I detect and remove PRO features?

If you’re not sure which PRO feature(s) are enabled in your typeform, just hover your mouse over the red padlock icon at the top of the screen.

Screenshot showing how to view which PRO features are active

You can quickly check the questions in your typeform that have one or more PRO features by looking for the little ‘PRO’ icons in the Create panel.

Screenshot showing where PRO features are flagged

Below we’ll explain how to detect if certain PRO features are present in your typeform and how to remove them.

Logic Jump

If a question contains a Logic Jump it will be signaled by this little three-pronged icon…

To remove Logic Jumps, click on the Logic Jump icon in the sidebar and then hit the ‘‘ icon to remove the jump. Repeat this process for all Logic Jumps within a question.

Screenshot of logic jump icon

For each Logic Jump, you’ll also need to remove whatever is in the ‘In ALL other cases jump to’ section.

Screenshot showing how to remove logic jumps

Clicking the ‘x’ will reset this and prevent questions being skipped. The section should read ‘Choose one answer…’.

Screenshot showing how a deactivated logic jump looks

Hidden Fields

You can check if Hidden Fields are enabled by scrolling to the first question of your typeform in the editor. If they are enabled, you’ll see this icon, along with the names of the Hidden Fields.

Screenshot showing where hidden fields appear

Click on the Hidden Fields icon then on the trash can to remove them.

Screenshot showing how to remove hidden fields

Respondent notifications

To find out if Respondent notifications are active, click on the Notifications icon (the little bell in the sidebar), then select the Respondent notifications tab. You can disable the feature simply by clicking on the toggle.

Screenshot showing how to disable respondent notifications

Payment question

A Payment question is represented by a green, credit card icon. To remove a question, select it and click the trash can icon in the Question settings menu, as shown.

Screenshot showing how to remove a payment block


You can check If the Calculator function is set up on any of your questions by looking for the little calculator-shaped icon next to the questions in the editor.

Screenshot showing position of the calculator icon

To remove calculations, first select the question and click on the Calculator icon in the sidebar. Next, click the ‘’ button next to each calculation.

Screenshot showing how to remove calculator function

File Upload

You can spot a File Upload question by its gray icon, which has a folder symbol. To remove this from your typeform, click on the icon and then select the trash can icon in the Question settings menu.

Screenshot showing how to remove a file upload block

Customized Thank You Screen

The screenshot below shows what a Thank You Screen icon looks like. To remove a Thank You Screen simply click this icon and hit the trash can icon in Question settings.

Screenshot showing how to delete Thank You screen block

Unlimited questions

Remember that you’re allowed a maximum of 10 questions on a BASIC plan. If you have additional questions over this limit, your typeform will be flagged with the PRO icon. To remove questions simply click on the question icon and then hit the trash can icon in Question settings.

Screenshot showing how to delete blocks using trash can icon