How to use Question groups

The Question group is a simple tool to create “umbrella” questions with subquestions inside them. Use it to organize your typeform into chapters or to segregate data by relevance.

Adding a Question group to your form is very easy: simply drag and drop the Question group panel to your typeform’s body, just like you’d do with any other question type.

Firstly, drag a Question Group into your typeform body:

Question GroupA Question group is only happy if it has content. Make sure that you move existing questions or add new ones inside your Question group.

Use a Question group to collect address or shipping details

Let’s say you want to collect address details just like in this example typeform:

Add this as a template to your account or build your own by following these steps:

  1. add a Question group called Shipping details
  2. add individual questions as sub-questions, such as:
    1. Short text question to collect street address, Postal / Zip Code and City
    2. Dropdown question to collect Country and/or State

In the example typeform above, we added the following customized fields:

Shipping details in a Question group

What else can you use Question groups for?

There’s a ton of things you can do with them. Here’s a list to get your imagination started:

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