How to use Question Groups

The Question Group is a simple tool to create an umbrella question with sub-questions inside. Use it to organize your typeform into chapters or to segregate data by relevance.

1. Adding a Question Group to your form is very easy: simply drag and drop the Question Group block into to the Create panel, just like you’d do with any other block:

2. A Question Group is only happy if it has content! You can drag blocks into the group, or write them and then choose the block type by clicking the gray block settings icon:

3. Now write, or add in all of your required blocks:

4. To close your Question Group, hit the Enter key twice.

Now click your cursor into the next question to continue making your typeform.
Alternatively, you can close your Question Group by adding a Thank You Screen.

Removing blocks and deleting Question Groups

To move a block out of a Question Group, click and hold the block settings icon, then drag it out and leave it somewhere else in the Create panel.

If you want to delete a Question Group but keep the content, first drag each question out of the group, and then delete the header.

Use a Question Group to collect address or shipping details

Let’s say you want to collect address details for an order form or online shop. Check out this example typeform;
To do this, use a Question Group as above, name the header shipping details, then add in your blocks:

What else can you use Question Groups for?

There’s a ton of things you can do with them. Here are some ideas to get you started:
Build Matrix or grid questions.
Combine it with Logic Jumps to create Repeated fields.
Make a quiz with different question segments.
Segregate test questions in a Job application.

Take a look at our survey questions guide for more tips.