How Typeform runs recruitment with typeforms

Recruitment ain’t easy. Finding and attracting the right people, and then managing on-boarding, is a complex process.

Head of People Operations (POPs) Georgina and her team have an ever iterating set of processes and tools to help them. And of course, this includes typeforms.

Here’s where POPs use typeforms in the recruitment and on-boarding process:


1. Application forms
2. Getting references and recommendations
3. Feedback on interview processes
4. New employee Welcome pack
5. On-boarding feedback

1. Job applications

Job application forms can be dull, even discouraging. Typeform lets you turn them into a personal conversation that’s much more enjoyable. This can mean more people applying to your company, and a great first impression for your potential new colleagues.

POPs uses typeforms to facilitate the application process. Here is how you can build a great Job Application form.

When a form is built, Jepser, our dev in charge of the public site embeds it on the Careers page.

The form basically opens in a modal window when you click on the Apply now button.

How Typeform runs recruitment with typeforms 01

Applications go to Greenhouse, the candidate management system POPs use. This has been achieved with an integration developed in-house.

2. Obtaining references/recommendations

Do you feel getting hold of candidate references is a chore? I mean, who enjoys writing references, or has the time in today’s crazy busy world?

Here’s how the POPs team made providing candidate references a fun activity with a typeform.

3. Collecting Interview process feedback

POPs team have 30 interviews a week. They hired 10 people on average per month in the first half of 2016. Yet they managed to improve the experience while reducing hiring times by 43%.

The best way to get an idea if your interview process works is asking candidates. POPs team do it with a typeform: “How to” coming soon (:

4. New employee Welcome pack

Recruitment doesn’t end with the acceptance of an offer. POPs also ensures that new employees land at their new shiny desks as easily as possible.
One of the many things they do in order to ensure this, is by sending essential information to newbies and collecting the same from them. It could be an exhausting email thread: but using a typeform, it’s easy!

Find out how they do it with this article.

5. Onboarding feedback

POPs makes sure that every new employee has everything they need, feels cozy and part of the team. They run an onboarding program – basically, every newbie gets to spend their first two days with Keysa from POPs.

The foundation of Typeform is Human Experience – and this trickles down to every corner of the company. Keysa makes sure the onboarding experience is great, and always keeps improving it. She does this by polling newbies with a typeform: “How to” coming soon (: