Integrate typeforms with Intercom Messenger

This integration allows you to quickly collect information from a customer by embedding a typeform in an Intercom Messenger window.

This article explains:

  • How to add a typeform to your Intercom Messenger home apps (so it appears every time someone opens a chat)
  • How to share typeforms in an Intercom Messenger chat.

People will be able to open and complete your typeform from inside Messenger, making a seamless experience.

What you’ll need:

  • A Typeform account with at least one active typeform.
  • An Intercom account.
  • A web site that hosts your Intercom Messenger

How to add a typeform to your Messenger home apps.

You can add a typeform to your home apps in Intercom Messenger so that it automatically appears as soon as a customer brings up the Intercom Messenger on your site:

1. Log in to Intercom. To add a typeform to your Intercom Messenger, first click on the Messenger icon:

2. The first time you do this, you need to connect your Typeform account. Click Add Messenger home apps, then +Add an app in the window that appears.

3. Next, Click App store in the window that opens.

4. Click +Add an app, then choose Typeform from the list. Alternatively, click on App store and install it from there.

5. Click Create a new block, so you can choose which typeform to take from your account:

6. Now you can search your Typeform account by typing in the search bar, or scrolling through your library below:

Once you’ve found your typeform, click it.

6. Next, you have to give your messenger block a name and so on. Add a Block Title, Subtitle and Button text, then click Insert block.

7. You can now see what your typeform will look like in Messenger. If you’re happy, click Save and set live to activate the integration:

8. Now, when someone opens Intercom Messenger on your site, your typeform will appear:

How to share typeforms while chatting in Intercom Messenger

1. Agents in your Intercom team will also be able to share typeforms while chatting to customers. Simply click the Add a messenger app button in the Reply field to get started.

2. Now just follow the steps from #5 above.