Invite users to Workspaces

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With a Premium 3 or more account, you can give multiple users access to your Workspaces so they can collaborate on your typeforms and access results. It’s a great way to involve stakeholders in your projects – and take some of the workload away from you!

Sharing access to your typeforms with collaborators is easy, as long as you know the email address associated with the person’s Typeform account (i.e. the email address they use to log into the platform). You can do this with any Premium 3 or above account.

1. Go to the Workspace you want to share with someone. Click on the + symbol that appears next to the name of the Workspace.

Screenshot displaying the Add people button

2. Type in the user’s email in the window that pops up. Then click Invite to send the invitation to that person. Note that until a user accepts the invite, their name will not be displayed in the user list (but their email address will).

Screenshot showing how to invite others to collaborate

3. Once the user has received an invitation, they should click the Go to Workspace button in the email they receive then log into their account.

Screenshot showing how the user sees the invite

4. Shared Workspaces will display a team icon as shown below. Team members’ profile icons appear next to the name of the Workspace so you can glance quickly at who is shared on that Workspace.

Screenshot showing how to see which users are invited at a glance

5. To remove someone as a collaborator on a Workspace simply click on their profile icon then hit the ‘Remove’ button.

Screenshot showing where to find list of collaborators

All team members can create or edit typeforms in shared Workspaces, and they’ll be able to do so until you remove them from the Workspace. Don’t worry—team members are not permitted to delete typeforms or collected results from your shared Workspaces. Note also that you cannot set an individual as a Workspace owner.

Team members will only be able to see the shared Workspaces. So you can keep your poker night typeform in a private Workspace, and no one will be able to see it!

For a full rundown of what account holders and team members can and can’t do with a shared Workspace, check out our article on What’s a Typeform team.