Let respondents choose how much they want to pay

Would you like to let your clients determine how much they want to pay for your service? Or how much they can afford to donate to your cause?

You can build a typeform with a Payment field that allows your audience to donate/pay an amount of their choice – within a limited range.

See it at work and add it to your account – just click the button on the Thank You screen (after Submit) while you are signed in to your Typeform account:

How to build it:

  1. Add a Multiple choice question with pre-defined amounts. Note, that you may enable the Multiple selections button so that a combination of the amounts displayed can also be selected and the values selected will add up.
  2. Add Calculator to this question and assign a value to each amount (1 to 1$; 5 to 5$; 10 to 10$; etc.)
  3. Set the variable to Price (vs. Score)
  4. Make sure you set the Price variable to 0 (zero) on the Payment field

This way, whatever is selected from the Multiple choice is added to the Price variable.

Did you know you can use Zapier and WebMerge to generate receipts for your donations? Check out this WebMerge blog post for details!

Check out this second example form too: