Limit number of choices (Multiple or Picture Choice blocks)

Would you like respondents to select more than one answer choice from a range but limit their total number of choices? You can set this up by using Logic Jump and Calculator with your Multiple or Picture Choice questions.

For example, say you have a restaurant and you use a typeform on an iPad as an interactive menu. When it comes to salads, guests can choose their ingredients but you’d like to limit their options to a maximum of five ingredients. Here’s how you can do it:

Here’s an overview of the structure of this typeform:

Overview of salad bar typeform

To build it yourself, just follow these steps:

1. Create a typeform and add a Multiple Choice or a Picture Choice type of question from the Blocks panel. Add your options, uploading images if you’ve gone for a Picture Choice question (like we have here). Be sure to switch on the Multiple selection button.

How to enable multiple selection in a multiple choice question

2. Use the Calculator to add a score of one for each possible choice to the total score. In the screenshot below we’ve only displayed the first three but we repeated this for each of the 12 items:

Screenshot of calculations needed to limit number of selections

3. Add a Statement saying “Sorry, you can only select a maximum of five ingredients” (or something similar). You’re free to change the button text as well.

Screenshot showing how to add a statement block

4. Now set a Logic Jump to always jump back to the first question (ingredient selection) from this statement.

Screenshot showing how to set logic jump to jump back to first question

5. Now add a Yes/No Question which will allow the customer to confirm their order is correct. You can insert the respondent’s answers to the first question in here by typing the ‘@’ key and choosing the corresponding variable.

How to add a Yes/No question block

6. Now set up Logic Jumps for the first question (ingredient selection). Set it so that if the number of answers selected is equal or less than the limit (five in this case), the respondent will be directed to the next question. But if the number of selected answers is higher, they will be redirected to the Statement we built in step three.

Screenshot showing how to add logic jumps to go back if the number of options is exceeded

7. Finally, you can add a Welcome Screen and Thank You Screen to the typeform, if you like.

Screenshot showing how to add a welcome screen and thank you screen