Logic Map (beta)

Logic Jump is an Essentials (and above) feature that helps people follow the path most relevant to them while completing a typeform. With the Logic Map feature you can visualize these different paths to keep track of them while designing and editing your typeforms.

Logic Map (beta) lets you see a graph of the Logic Jumps and the overall structure of your typeform.  This feature can come in handy when you’re trying to oversee several Logic Jumps in a typeform, or while troubleshooting Logic Jump issues.

Here’s a list of our articles on Logic Jumps:

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• Learn why order really matters when it comes to Logic Jumps

Note that the Logic Map (beta) feature is still in development and only works in Google Chrome. It is not yet available on Firefox and Safari.

Here’s how to open the Logic Map of your typeform:

1. Click the Logic Jump icon on the sidebar, or in one of your questions:

The Logic Map is displayed on the right side of your screen, and you can toggle between different views here by clicking Editor or Live Preview:

2. You can click the icons to zoom in, zoom out, or to center your Logic Map:

3. Click a question in the Logic Map to see the details of its Logic Jumps (if any) on the left.