Make a product feedback form

Many people use typeforms as part of their development process. One of the simplest uses is to gather feedback from the people testing your product, like Halfdollar has.

Here’s how to build a product feedback form

This typeform uses a Welcome screen, Multiple Choice, Yes/No, Short text and Opinion scale blocks to collect useful feedback. It’s reasonably short, and you can build one with a BASICTypeform account.

1. Start off with a Welcome screen. Halfdollar uploaded their logo, and added a friendly text, thanking people for signing up.

2. Next up is a Multiple Choice. Halfdollar list all the channels where people might have heard about it, and respondents have to choose which one. Using Other allows people to add their own answer.3. A Yes/No block simply asks if this person had tried the demo version of Halfdollar before its 1.0 release.4. Halfdollar use another Multiple Choice to ask for first impressions. They keep the language informal and friendly.5. A further Multiple Choice asks respondents for their most important feature in the product.6. Next Halfdollar want to think about monetization. What new features would users pay for?7. As a follow up, the next question asks how much people are willing to pay for a subscription.8. The feedback form finishes up with two questions. A rating block asks how likely users are to recommend Halfdollar to others, while a Short text block gives respondents a chance to write any additional feedback they have.9. To give the form the look and feel of the Halfdollar brand, they use the Design panel to choose a set of colors that match:

Making a feedback typeform like this is straightforward, as you can see!

Once you’ve created your typeform, it’s ready to be shared with your community. Find out more about sharing your typeform.

Once shared, you can start to view and analyze your results. If surveys are your thing, take a look at our product survey template.