Make a product feedback form

Many people use typeforms as part of their product development process. One of the simplest uses is to gather feedback from the people testing your product.

We have a ready-made product feedback form template which you can adapt to collect valuable insights from your team. You can use the template as-is, or adapt it to fit your product.

This article takes a look inside the product feedback typeform, explaining how it works so you can build one yourself from scratch. Here’s what the finished typeform looks like:

How to build a product feedback form

Our product feedback survey typeform uses the following features:

Here’s how it’s made:

1. Our product feedback survey typeform uses an eye-catching Welcome Screen to greet the feedback-giver and ask them for help. If you’re starting from scratch, create a Welcome Screen by clicking the +Add your first question button and choosing Welcome Screen.

GIF showing how to add a question in Typeform

2. Now add the content of your Welcome Screen. In our case, we’ve used an image that was created by our design team. You can insert an image of your own using the Add image button, or write a greeting.

We’ve also customized the Button text from the Question Settings menu to give a strong, immediate call to action (“Tell us what you think”).

Screenshot showing how to create a product survey welcome screen

3. Before we add any questions, let’s adjust the design of our survey to make it look great. Click the Design icon and select the Customize tab. You can create your own theme, or edit the theme in our template by clicking the Duplicate this theme button.

Screenshot showing how to customize design of typeform

Our product survey typeform uses a background image created in-house and a matching purple and green color scheme for the survey’s text and buttons. The Live Preview panel on the right of the screen shows you how your typeform will look.

Screenshot showing Live Preview panel

4. Switch back to the Builder by clicking the icon on the top of the toolbar. Let’s start adding and editing questions. The first question in our product survey typeform is Multiple Choice, asking the person’s overall impression of the product. We’ve set this question as ‘Required‘ to make sure we get an answer.

Screenshot showing Multiple Choice question in typeform builder

5. Next, you can include some Long text questions to collect some detailed feedback about what they liked and didn’t like about the product.

Screenshot showing two long text questions

6. If you want to give a more personalized experience here, add a third Long text question that will be displayed only to those who answered negatively to the Multiple Choice question…

Screenshot showing third long text question

…then apply a Logic Jump to the Multiple Choice question to people who answer negatively. This is set up as follows:

Screenshot showing how to set up a logic jump to direct the respondent to a certain question

You’ll also need to set up a Logic Jump on question three to jump to question five when you’ve created it (see next step).

Screenshot showing how to set up a logic jump to skip a question

7. Rating questions allow someone to give a star rating for your product (or for a feature/attribute of your product).

You can set the scale to be anything from between 0 and 10 by adjusting the Steps slider. It doesn’t have to be stars either, you can change the icon that appears, via the Shape drop-down (you’ll find everything from trophies to skulls, here).

Screenshot showing how to add a rating question to the product feedback form in typeform

8. Our product survey typeform uses Multiple Choice and Rating questions to gather more information about how much the reviewer needs the product, its value for money, and whether they would buy it.

Screenshot showing further multiple choice and rating questions

9. Next, we add a couple of Opinion Scale questions. These are great for asking people things like “how likely they are to…” or to “what degree they liked….”.

You can change the number of steps in the scale and edit the labels that appear at either end of the scale.

Screenshot showing opinion scale question being added to the product feedback typeform

10. The final Opinion Scale question in our product survey is “How likely are you to recommend this product to someone you know?” – a question commonly seen in NPS surveys.

We apply a Logic Jump to this question to ask a follow-up question based on how they answered. To do this, create two new Short text questions…

Screenshot showing Logic Jump directing respondent to a particular short text question based on their answer to the Opinion Scale question

…then add the following Logic Jump to the Opinion Scale question (question 11 in this case).

Screenshot showing how to set up the logic jumps needed to move the respondent to the right short text question depending on what they answer for the opinion scale question

11. To round off our product survey typeform, we added a Thank You Screen with an stock image taken from our integrated Unsplash photo library. We also customized the button text here to give a friendly farewell (“See ya”).

Screenshot showing how to set up Thank You screen for the product survey

What to do with your feedback survey results

Once you’ve created your typeform, it’s ready to be shared with your community. Find out more about sharing your typeform here.

But then what? How do you get the results of the feedback survey to the people on your product who matter? Here are some suggestions:

1. Share the feedback in a Google Sheet. Our integration allows you to send all your results to a single spreadsheet. You can share this with stakeholders on your team who can dip in and look at the feedback. Find out more about the integration here.

Screenshot showing product feedback survey results sent to Google Sheet

2. Send a Slack alert to stakeholders on the product team as soon as a piece of feedback comes in. Use our Slack integration to ping specific channels with answers from the feedback survey. Find out more here.

Screenshot showing product feedback survey results sent to Slack

3. Add feature/improvement requests automatically to a Trello board. If your product team uses Trello, our integration is a great way to keep a constantly updated backlog based on customer feedback and requests. Find out more about the Trello integration here.

Screenshot showing product feedback survey results sent to Trello