My Plan + Billing

It’s really easy to manage and edit your billing details in Typeform. Likewise, if you need to switch to a different plan, that’s simple, too.

If you need to change some payment details or adjust your plan you need to head for the Plan + Billing section. There are two ways to get there:

  • Click on this link while logged into your account.
  • Click on your alias in the upper right corner of your Workspace and select Plan + Billing from the Account section of the drop-down menu.

Screenshot showing location of Plan+Billing section

Settings you’ll find in Plan + Billing

Here’s a breakdown of what you can see and do within the Plan + Billing section:

1. Manage your plan. Here you can see what plan you’re currently on and adjust it if you need to. Through this section you can:

2. Update or delete your credit/debit card and billing information.

3. View your invoices. If you wish you can opt for your invoices to be sent to you by mail every month.

What are the other sections in the Account menu?

  • My account. Change your account settings. Read more here!
  • Communications: choose what kind of emails we send you
  • Authorized apps: shows the applications you’ve given Typeform permission to.
  • Developer apps: a list of applications you’ve created. For more information on creating and registering your own apps, go to our Developer Portal.
  • Personal tokens: stores tokens needed to access Typeform’s API.