New Calculator features

We’ve been listening to your feedback, and you can now do calculations on any number your respondents enter in a Number, Rating or Opinion Scale question.

This means making order forms, accepting donations or calculating quotes is now so much easier than before. Here’s what new Calculator looks like on a Number question:

Selecting the Always option from the dropdown means you can now do a calculation on whatever the answer to that question is.

How to get started

1. Open a typeform from your Workspace. On any Number, Rating or Opinion Scale question, click the Calculator icon:

2. Now you can see the Calculator menu. Click Add a calculation.

3. By default, Calculator is set up to do an “always…” calculation:

This means you can add, subtract, divide or multiply whatever value your respondents enter. Remember you can also choose to calculate a Score or Price with the lower dropdown menu.

Here are two ways to put that into practice:

Let respondents choose how much they want to pay

Create a shopping basket

For an overview of all of Calculator’s features, check out this article