New pricing plans: FAQ

We released new pricing plans in August 2019. Find out more about them here. This article explains what that means if you signed up for a plan before then.

What happens to my account?

We won’t change anything about your account. You’ll get the same features and support that you are used to, as long as your subscription is maintained.

Can I return to my old plan if I downgrade?

Short answer: no. If you unsubscribe to Typeform, and decide to upgrade again in the future, you’ll have to choose one of our new plans. If you’ve downgraded your account by accident or an accidental failed payment, please contact support using the button at the end of this page.

I am a PRO/PRO+ customer and I want to change to one of the new plans.

Find out all about our Essential, Professional and Premium plans here. You can upgrade or change your subscription to a new plan in the Accounts area of your Typeform account.

I have an Enterprise account, will anything change?

Nothing will change, and as always you can talk to your account manager if you have questions about your account.

What happens to results I collected if I downgrade my account?

You can still access your results and files after you downgrade your account. Remember that you can also download all of your results and files at any time.

Can I try features from Essential, Professional and Premium plans?

Yes, you are still free to try out all of our features, which will put your typeform into Trial mode. This means you can test your typeform, but you can’t share it. If you decide to use the features, you can upgrade your account to unlock and share your trial typeforms.

Can I get Typeform with no limits at all to Logic Jumps or responses?

If you need more than our plans offer, please contact our Sales team, who will be happy to talk to you.