How to obtain candidate references with a typeform

Do you work in Recruitment? Do you feel getting candidate references is a challenge? Here’s how our People Operations (POPs) team use a typeform to make providing references fun.

Here’s the typeform POPs uses when she needs information from previous employers or peers about prospective candidates. This is the very last step in a the process before we make an official offer, crossing our fingers that we’ll get a new colleague soon:

This typeform was created by the POPs team with the help of our master typeformer, Valerie. Here is an overview of the typeform’s structure:

Obtain candidate references with Typeform 01

If you’d like to build a similar typeform, you’ll have to follow these steps:

  1. Enable Hidden Fields in the typeform and add two fields: name and surname. Obtain candidate references with Typeform 02
  2. Add a Welcome screen with a friendly text to greet the person who will provide the feedback on the candidate. You can upload an image or a video for a better first impression.
  3. Add two Short text questions collecting first and last name of the respondent: Obtain candidate references with Typeform 03Make the questions required to so respondents can’t submit the typeform unless they’ve answered.
  4. Add another Short text question where the respondent can define his or her relationship with the candidate. Note, that you can pipe the two Hidden Fields with the candidate’s name to make the question more relevant: Obtain candidate references with Typeform 04
  5. Add two Long text questions asking for the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses. Again, use the information passed in the Hidden Field(s) to display the name of the candidate and make the questions required if you the information is essential: Obtain candidate references with Typeform 05
  6. Add another Long text question to inquire about what it was like to work with your candidate and how he or she works in a team using the same tools: Hidden Fields and making it required: Obtain candidate references with Typeform 06
  7. Add an Opinion Scale question asking the person doing the evaluation to indicate the degree of their willingness to work with the candidate again in the future: Obtain candidate references with Typeform 07
  8. Add a customized Thank You screen thanking the respondent for their time. Use piping to address them by their name they typed in under Question 1!
  9. Now the typeform’s built, the next step is to give it the look and feel of your company brand: make adjustments under the Design panel. Check out our Branding guidelines and tips article for more information!
  10. Last but not least, head to the Configure panel to enable Self notifications. This ensures that the relevant team members are notified each time a new reference is submitted.

When sending the typeform to a referee, make sure you manually change the Hidden Fields’ “xxxxx” in the URL with real data (the name and surname of the candidate) in order for the typeform to pass that data into some of the questions of the typeform as well as the Results table.