Opinion Scale

An Opinion Scale lets people express their feelings on a numbered scale. Easy to understand and quick to use, it’s a great way of collecting opinions.

1. To add an Opinion Scale, open a typeform from your Workspace, or start a new one.
Then open the Questions menu, and click on the Opinion Scale or drag it into the editor:

2. Write in your question, and click the blue Questions settings icon to setup your Opinion Scale question:

3. Now the Settings menu is open, we can make a variety of changes to our Opinion Scale:

Start scale at 1

Clicking this switch will mean your Opinion Scale begins at 1, instead of the default 0.


This allows you to choose the number of steps your scale has. The default is 11, which gives you a scale of 0-10. The smallest number of steps you can have is 5, giving you a scale of 0-4.
Look at the Live Preview on the right, to see how this changes your Opinion Scale.

Show Labels

Turn on Show labels to add text to your scale. You can add them to the left, center and right of your scale. Here’s an example:

And this is what it looks like in your live typeform, also set to 5 steps:

How to add a N/A (Not Applicable) option

For the moment, we do not offer a Not applicable option, but there are a couple of workarounds you could use:
Ask your respondents to simply skip the question if they don’t have an opinion or prefer not to answer. You can use the Description field of the question for this. If you go with this solution, make sure that you do not set the question as required.

Use the Multiple Choice or Picture Choice instead and add the scale as choice labels. Simply add a choice label saying “Not applicable”. You can refer to this Help Center article for more details: Build a custom Likert scale question.