Ordering Logic Jumps

When you’re using Logic Jumps, it’s important that you put them in the right order, or your typeform may not work correctly. This article explains how to get it right.

If a Logic Jump is set up to skip a question, you cannot use a later Logic Jump to send people back to that same skipped question. Confused? Let’s look at an example:

This typeform starts off by asking you about cats and dogs. If you answer ‘Dog’ then a Logic Jump sends you to question 4, ‘Woof!’, skipping question 3. But then the next question, 4a ‘Do you have a dog?’ has a Logic Jump set up to send you to Q3.

This will not work. Because Q3 was skipped earlier, it has not been loaded into the live typeform, and the Logic Jump will have nowhere to go. This will break the typeform!

To avoid this, you have to order the questions differently, so that users cannot skip questions that they have to return to later on.

You can either add the skipped question again later in the typeform, or you can rearrange the questions. In this example, we can just move Q3 ‘So now, pineapples on pizza?’ to after Q4 ‘Woof!’. This means it won’t be skipped by people who go down the dogs logic path:

This setup will work perfectly. Respondents cannot skip questions that they might have to return to later, and the typeform won’t get stuck.

So remember: question order matters!