Phone Number Question

Our Phone Number question lets you collect contact details in a snap. Whether you’re making a lead-gen form, organizing an event, or creating a job application form, this question gives your respondents a great looking and easy way to give you their phone details.

Add a Phone Number question to your typeform

1. Log in to your Typeform account, and open a typeform from your Workspace:2. I’m using a contact form I already prepared:In the Create panel, click the + symbol under the question where you want to collect phone numbers. Then scroll and select Phone Number from the menu that appears:3. Next, write your question:4. Click the settings icon to open Question Settings:
As the image shows, you can make the question Required, add a Description and Recall Information, as well as an Image or Video.

You can also set the Default country code. So if you’re based in France, for example, you can set it so your respondents see the default code for France. Click the dropdown menu to choose your country. You’ll see your choice immediately reflected in the live preview:

5. Once you’re happy with your settings, that’s it! Click the three dots icon to Duplicate or Delete your question. You can also drag and drop it to a different position in your typeform.

What can you do with the Phone Number Question?

This is a great question to add to a contact form, sign-up forms or job application forms.