Picture choice question

The Picture choice question is a visual version of the Multiple choice question. You can use it to make more engaging typeforms that fit your brand image.

Unlike Multiple choice questions, you can add images to each option with a Picture choice question. You can decide whether to add text to the choice labels or not, and also select from two image sizes, using the Supersize button.

Please check out this article to learn about the supported image file specifications.


Have a look at these examples to see the difference and learn more about the configuration further down under the section on Settings.

Example #1

Picture choice with text labels on, and using Supersize:


Example #2

Picture choice with text labels and Supersize switched off:


Example #3

Picture choice with text labels switched off, and Supersize on:




  1. You can make a Picture choice question required Required
  2. You can decide whether you want the Labels (the text under the image) shown or hidden (see examples further up) picture-choice-05-show-text-labels 
  3. Turn on Supersize for bigger images (see examples further up) picture-choice-06-supersize
  4. If you switch on the Multiple selections toggle, your respondents will be able to select as many answers as they wish. You can limit the number of answers with a workaround. Allow multiple answers
  5. You can randomize answers, so each time someone opens the typeform, they will appear in a different order. Randomize

Picture choice question with 26+ answers

The Picture choice question has a limit of 26 answer choices per question.

We set this limit to avoid rendering issues on low-end devices. From a User Human Experience perspective, when you want to give more than 26 possible answers to a question, we recommend using Dropdown questions.

If you really need to use the Picture choice question format with more than 26 answers, the workaround at the end of this article might fit your needs.

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