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Piping variables makes your typeforms smarter and more personal. Pass answers into follow up questions, so your typeform feels more alive and conversational. It’s available on all Typeform accounts. Here’s how to get started.

A simple way to use Piping is with someone’s name, so they feel like the typeform is talking right to them personally: Then Micah will see this in the following question:

Now Micah will feel the typeform is talking to directly them!

Here’s how you set this up:

1. From your Workspace, start a new typeform, then write a Short text question, “Hi! What’s your name?”. Just type the question, and choose the Short text block.

Now we’re going to take that name, and pipe it to following questions, so they feel more personal.

2. We’ll continue by writing a little statement to make people feel at home:

“Great, (NAME)! Nice to meet you! Shall we get started?”

3. To do this, write the basic text, and where you want the piped answer (NAME) to appear, simply click the Variables button (highlighted below), and you’ll see all the possible questions you can take answers from:
In this example, we just have one question to choose from, “Hi! What’s your name?”. So click this option, and we’ll then see this answer appear in our Statement:
Now when people use your typeform, in the second question they will see their name! (or whatever they typed in the first question)

You can also add piping by typing “@”. This will bring up piping options, which you can use as above. If you actually want to write “@something”, simply continuing to type will deactivate the piping menu.

Pretty neat, right?

What information can I pipe?

You can pipe any of the following into the text (or description) of your questions, statements, or Thank You screens etc.:

  • Answers from previous questions
  • Score (from Calculator)
  • Price (from Calculator + Payment field)
  • Hidden Field values

Fields with piping are hidden by default

Until the question which feeds them is answered, any questions that include piped variables are hidden from view. They won’t even appear in the flow of the typeform if that question is skipped. This may hide the rest of the typeform too.

So if you have a question with a piped answer, which you definitely don’t want to be skipped, make sure the question that feeds it is answered (e.g. by making it required). If your field is fed by a Hidden Field, you need to make sure the Hidden Field is present, or the question will not appear.

Make sure questions you want to pipe from are answered by: