Print your typeform and results

Need to have your typeform, or its results on paper?

Since the typeform format is designed specifically for the digital realm and is not based on traditional paper forms, there’s not a direct way to make it look awesome in print.

But for those of you planning to go off the grid (and unplug completely), but want to be sure to have your typeform, or results with you… Don’t worry we have a workaround for you!

How to print your typeform

You can view the fallback version of your typeform in a web browser and print it or save it as PDF.

Please note that in case you have Logic jumps in your form or Piping, not all questions will be visible. In this case, however, you can do the following:

  1. Duplicate your typeform,
  2. remove the Logic Jumps from the copy of your typeform,
  3. launch the fallback version of the copy of your typeform for printing purposes.

Fallback version for Print

How to print the results of your typeform

Currently we offer insight to your typeform’s submitted results in the Results section under the Analyze panel. Furthermore, we offer a Report for each typeform, generated from the results.

  • You can print the Report directly from your Typeform account.
  • Export your results with one click into an .xls file (Excel spreadsheet) and it should be easy to organize your data there to suit your needs and even print it, or convert it into a PDF file.
  • If you have the export of your results automated, you can print your results from the third party service.

How to print your generated Report:

  1. Go to your Analyze Panel,
  2. select the General Report section,
  3. and then click on the small printer found in the bottom right hand corner of the General report tab.

Print your typeform and results

How to print exported results:

  • Excel: After exporting your results to an Excel file you can then print it as is, or convert it into a PDF file to print.
  • Third party service: After connecting to a third party service (such as Google Drive or WebMerge) via Zapier, automatically generate documents for each submitted response, then print responses directly from third party service.

Why should you integrate your typeform?

When you connect your typeform to a third party service such as WebMerge and you can generate documents automatically which you can then print.

Please see these articles for more details:

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