Print your typeform and results

Typeforms are designed to be digital, but if you do need them or your results on paper, it’s possible!

How to print a typeform

One important thing to note before we get going: this is a workaround. Because typeforms can include Logic Jumps and other intelligent features, not everything will display on paper by default. Let’s get started..

1. First duplicate your typeform from your workspace so you don’t break or lose anything:

2. Open your copied typeform, and remove any Welcome Screens, Thank You Screens, or Logic Jumps. You won’t be able to see and print your full typeform with these features because they stop your typeform being displayed on one page. Check out How to remove PRO features.

3. Next you need to view your Typeform. Click View, and it will open in a new tab in your browser. Go to that new tab now.

4. Now your typeform is open, press CTRL+P (Windows) or Command+P (Mac OS) to open the print menu (or go to File>Print on your browser). You’ll see a menu like this (or similar). Make sure your printer is selected and so on, and then click Print

We have set up typeforms so when you do this you only see your questions on the printed document – your background image will not be included, as this would use a lot of ink, and makes the printout easier to read.

How to print your results

There are two ways to do this: You can print your results Report, or export your results and use a spreadsheet application to create a printable report.

1. To print your report, click on the Results panel, then the button that says Generate Report.
2. Now your report has been generated, simply click the Print report button!

1. To print all results, export your results to a spreadsheet application – you can even automate this with our Google Sheets integration.

2. Open the spreadsheet containing your results. Organize the results however you like, and print them either directly from there. Here’s how to do that in Google Sheets.

Print single responses

You can print any single response from the Responses tab in the Results section. Choose a response from the left, then click the Print icon.