Private and Public – the two modes of your typeform

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Like an on/off switch, Public mode allows anyone with a link to access and complete your typeform. Private mode restricts this access to only you, anyone else visiting its link will see a “404 (Not Found)” message.

When you start building a new typeform it is set to Public by default. If you’d like to make it Private until you’re ready to launch (or when finished your research and want to close it for new entries) just click the lock icon, and then flick the switch that appears:If you’d like to close a campaign and don’t want respondents to find a “404 (Not Found)” error message when they access the typeform’s URL, there is a way to close your typeform without making it “disappear”.

Do this by disabling the start button on the Welcome screen rather than switching the form to Private mode. Check out the article Close your typeform to new entries to learn how.