Instructions for PRO+ team members

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You’ve been invited to a PRO+ shared Workspace, that’s awesome!

What can I do as a PRO+ team member?

Now that you’ve been invited to a PRO+ shared workspace you’re classed as a team member. You’ll be able to access all typeforms created in the shared Workspace, create and edit new typeforms, and work collaboratively with other team members. You can also customize designs to give your typeforms the same look and feel as your brand, view and export collected results, and much much more.

As a PRO+ team member you’re also eligible for priority support. Contact us from the email address associated with your account to take advantage of this perk.

How does this affect my existing BASIC account?

If you have a BASIC account already you need to create typeforms under the shared workspace in order to enjoy PRO+ features. All typeforms you build in your personal workspaces will only have BASIC features.

PRO+ Workspaces that you’ve been invited to are indicated by a people icon (see screenshot below).

Screenshot showing location of members icon

Adding PRO+ features to typeforms to your BASIC workspaces (“My workspace” in the example above) will result in them being set to private mode and hidden. See this article for information about the PRO trial and how to remove PRO features.

If you want to use PRO or PRO+ features in typeforms which you’ve created in your BASIC account, you can do so by moving typeforms from your personal Workspaces into the shared ones. To do so, see this article: Moving Typeforms between Workspaces.

I’ve been invited to a workspace but I can’t access it

Please ask the PRO+ account holder to remove you from their team and re-invite you onto their team with the email associated with your Typeform account.

If you still can’t access, please submit a ticket and we’ll be happy to help!