Progress widget

When someone is filling in your typeform they will see a progress widget at the bottom of the page that will indicate how far along they are through the completion process of the typeform.

There are two versions of the progress widget to choose from, one which shows respondent their progress through the typeform as a percentage…

Version of progress widget with percentage

…and another that displays progress in terms of the number of questions answered.

Progress widget with numbers of questions answered

How to customize the progress widget

You can alter the appearance of the progress widget, or disable it completely via the Create panel. It’s really easy:

Annotated screenshot showing how to alter the appearance of the progress widget

1. Click on the Settings menu.

2. Choose the type of progress widget you want from the drop-down menu. You can choose between Proportion (number of questions answered out of total questions) or Percentage. If you want to disable the progress widget altogether you can do so by clicking the toggle.

3. You can see how the progress widget will look in the Live preview panel.