Rating question

Want to know your customers’ opinions about your product or service? Or how much your friends liked your last party on a scale of 1 to 5? A rating question is a simple and visual way of rating things.

How to use a Rating question

1. Open a typeform from your Workspace, or create a new one.
Open the Questions menu, and click on the Rating question, or drag it into the create panel.

2. Write your text, then it’s time to set up your Rating question:

Rating settings

1. Open the Rating settings menu by clicking the icon next to your question text. This gives you the standard options of adding Logic Jumps, making your question required, as well as adding images or video.2. Then you have special Rating settings, firstly Steps:This sets your rating scale. The default number of steps is 3, but you can increase this up to 10, or decrease it to 1!
Here’s how my 3 Steps Rating question will appear on the typeform:Play around with the Steps slider, and you’ll see steps added in real time in the Live Preview.

3. In Shape you can change the default rating stars to a host of other shapes! Click the dropdown menu, and scroll through the options to choose one you like:Here’s my Rating question with Thumbs Up applied: