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We’re beavering away on the next version of Typeform. If you’re a v2 Beta Tester, use the tabs on the left to switch articles.


Do you want to know your customers’ opinion about your product or service? Or how much your friends liked your last party on the scale of 1 to 5? A rating question is a simple and visual way of rating things.

How to add it to your typeform?

  1. Open your typeform
  2. Simply click on the Rating question panel Rating 01
  3. Add your question
  4. Choose the shape you like and edit the settings Rating 02v2
  5. Click on Save


Who said surveys have to be boring?

You can choose between 17 different rating shapes to analyze emotions and gather feedback:

Just drag the slide to choose steps (number of rating icons) of your questions: the scale can be anything between 1-3 and 1-10!Rating 03

You can also add an image or a video to your rating question to make it more appealing.

You can make this question required.

You can analyze the responses to your rating questions in the Results table or see them in a visual format in the Reports section.

How Rating questions will be displayed in your General Reports

Rate icons in reports

The chart shows the most popular answer choice on top, followed by the second most popular one, and so on.

In the above example, 9 people rated the service 10 out of 10, so this option is the first in the list. The second most popular choice was 8 out of 10 and the third, 9 out of 10.

The white bar in the background indicates the percentage of respondents, if the total is 100%. In our example above, a total of 34 people answered the survey and 9 of them (26%) gave 10 out of 10 ranking, so 26% of the bar’s length is highlighted

The rate icons (in our case clouds) represent the rating the respondents gave.

To learn about other question types please see the article on Question types.

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