Redirect after submitting

Do you want to take respondents to your blog or webpage, maybe another typeform, as soon as they click submit? Then this feature is for you!

Why is it useful?

Customized Thank You screens are a great solution for thanking respondents, especially if you want them to see a different outcome depending on the answers they gave in the typeform. But sometimes, you want everyone who visits your typeform to be redirected to the same webpage no matter what they answered. And you want this process to be as smooth and easy for them as possible. This functionality is built just for that! (But keep in mind that this is a PRO+ feature.)

Let’s look at a couple of examples:

Here’s a geography quiz. Instead of finishing with a Thank You screen, it takes respondents directly to our Online Quiz Templates, where they can make their own. It’s great for lead generation!

The longer your survey, the less likely it is respondents will complete. You can use Redirect after submitting to make long surveys into bite size pieces. This has the advantage of saving results from partially completed surveys.

Let’s take a political attitudes test as an example:

Instead of one big survey, we’ve created three smaller ones linked together.

How does it work?

It immediately redirects people to any URL you want right when they hit Submit.

How to use redirect after submit

Follow these simple steps:

Redirect after submitting

  1. Go to the Configure panel of your typeform
  2. Flick the Redirect after submitting button to ON
  3. Paste the URL where typeform visitors will be redirected

That’s it! Easy as pie.

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