Right to rectification

GDPR gives you the right to rectify or change all personal data a company holds about you. This means you can do this with your Typeform data. This article explains how to rectify, complete, or delete the data held in your Typeform account.

Here’s a list of the data you can fix or change in your account:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Subdomain
  • Language
  • Profile picture
  • Payment details
  • VAT number
  • Billing address

This data is split between your Account settings, and the Plan + Billing area. Read on to discover how to find them.

Getting to Accounts settings

There are two ways to get to Accounts settings, where you can modify your account’s personal details:

  • Click here while logged into your account
  • Click the icon in the top right corner of your Workspace and select My Account:

There, you can change following:

1. Modify your name.

2. Change the email/username associated with your account.

3. Edit the subdomain of your account (doing this will modify the URL of your typeforms. See this article to find out more).

4. Choose to have the Typeform interface in English or Spanish.

5. Set, change or delete your Gravatar (your profile image – find out more about Gravatars here).

Rectifying billing and payment information

The Plan + Billing section allows you to correct or complete your billing and payment information (or adjust your plan). You can access this section in one of two ways:

  • Click on this link while logged into your account.
  • Click on the icon in the top right corner of your Workspace and choose Plan + Billing from the Account section of the drop-down menu:

You’ll see the following screen with an overview of your plan, card and billing information and past invoices:

If you click Update information (1), a new screen will pop up, where you can rectify or complete your billing information. If you click Delete my billing information (2), you’ll be able to delete this information entirely.

Clicking on Update information will load the following pop-up screen:

Here you can modify:

1. Your payment card details
2. Your name, as it will appear on your invoices
3. Your VAT number
4. Your billing address

Clicking on Delete my billing information will display the following confirmation window:

Clicking on the Delete my billing information button will permanently delete your credit card details, the name of the person to be invoiced, and the billing address from our records.

Modifying results

It’s not currently possible to change results you’ve collected through your typeforms within the Typeform platform. However, you can export your results as an Excel (XLSX) or CSV file, or connect your typeform to Google Sheets. You can then edit them in third-party software.

If you need to amend the results of a typeform you or your respondents could also submit a new response to your typeform (by answering it) with corrected details. Once this is done, you can then delete the old response from your results.

If you’ve sent your personal data through a typeform, the creator of the typeform is responsible for processing your data. This means that you have to contact them to exercise your data subject rights. Find more information here.

If you want to fix or change any other piece of data not included in this guide, or need more clarification, please contact us and our Support team we’ll be happy to help you!

Want to learn more about GDPR, Typeform and you? Check out the Privacy and Security section of our Help Center.