Running an agency with PRO+ workspaces

Typeform can be a powerful tool for your agency.

From generating leads to the finalized project, Typeform can help you every step of the way. Here are some ideas for how to organize your account and workflow:

Workspaces for agencies

As account owner, you have access to all Workspaces. Your clients and colleagues can only see the Workspaces you’ve invited them to.

In our example we show you how to take people from potential leads to satisfied customers. Let’s see how to organize that through the use of workspaces:


Prospects workspaces

Here you can keep multiple lead generation forms, from fun to serious, to capture potential clients.



Need to showcase your work? Keep your past projects in your Portfolio and show how successful your campaigns have been.

Project brief

Project brief

Once you’ve got your clients, understand them better with a Branding questionnaire or a Project brief typeform. Discover needs, background information, project requirements and more.

Work in progress

Work in progress

You might not want clients to see what goes on behind the scenes. Use this Work in progress workspace to build and design your typeforms. Invite your team to collaborate on content and design. This is your space to be creative, until you’ve got the typeform just right.

Client’s workspaces

Client's workspaces

Typeform ready to go? Let’s say you have 2 clients, Katie and Mike. Create a workspace for each of them and move final typeforms there. Invite them to show off what you’ve made. Here they can access metrics, results and monitor success.

Client satisfaction

Client satisfaction

Feedback is key to improvement, so find out how happy your clients are by sending them a Satisfaction survey.

Here are a few examples to get you started:

Client’s view of a shared workspace

This is how your clients see the shared workspaces in their account:
Client's view

As shown above, your clients can only view workspaces they are invited to, and their personal workspace, called “My workspace”.

  • “My Workspace” is the default workspace from Katie’s personal account. She can’t see your personal workspaces, or any others she has not been invited to!
  • “Portfolio” is the workspace you’ve shared with Katie to showcase your previous successful campaigns.
  • “Katie’s Cookie Corp.” is the workspace where you’ve put the final typeform. She can monitor responses collected, metrics and success of the campaign.

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