Schedule access to your typeforms

If you want to close your typeform – at the end of a competition or after a deadline – you can now manage access to your typeform. Here’s how to schedule a close date, set a custom closed message and set a response limit for your typeform.

Want to close your typeform after the first 100 submissions, or on a certain date? Manage Respondent Access lets you do this, as well as manually close your typeform whenever you need, and set up a custom closed message.

How to close your typeform

1. Open your typeform from your Workspace, and click on the lock icon, highlighted below:

2. A new menu will appear:3. Click the toggle next to Close typeform to new entries, to do just that:A status message will appear telling you people can no longer access your typeform.
Anyone who visits your typeform will now see a default message like this:

4. If you want to grant access to your typeform again, turn off the Close typeform to new entries toggle. When your typeform is live, you will always see this green note in the Manage access tool:

Schedule closing your typeform

With an Essentials account, you can schedule your typeform to close.

1. To choose a date to automatically close your typeform, click the Schedule a close date toggle:Now you can choose a time and date for your typeform to close.

Click Apply when you’re ready, and you’re set.

Remember to choose your time zone from the dropdown menu. You can search for your zone by typing directly into this menu:2. With a Premium account, you can schedule your typeform to close after a number of responses, click the Set a response limit toggle:

Type in the number of responses you want, then click Apply. We’ll start counting from the moment you do this – previously collected responses will not be included in the limit. So if you already have 20 responses, and you want 200 in total, set this to 180.

Add a custom closed message

With a Professional, account, when you close your typeform, you can also customize the message visitors will see.

Click the toggle next to Show custom closed message:You can now edit the title and description text of your closed screen message, as well as add an image. Here’s an example of a custom closed message screen: