See your results summary

Once you’ve shared your typeform, you can get a quick overview of your responses by heading to the Results panel, and looking at your Summary.

To see your results summary, open your typeform from your Workspace, and click on Results:

There are two tabs in the Results panel – Summary and Responses. The summary will be open by default. Check out this article, which explains all about the Responses interface.

Here’s how to use your Results Summary tab:

This gives you an overview of the results you’ve collected. You can see your key stats, overall results, and your shareable report.

Key Stats

At the top of the Summary tab, you have your key stats. You can see how many responses you’ve got so far, your total and unique visits, completion rate (the percentage of people who opened your typeform and finished it), and the average time taken to complete. By default you see the total key stats, but you can drill into them by device by clicking on these buttons:

Response summary

Below your key stats, you can see the overall results for each of your questions. What you see depends on the type of block.

Results for Multiple choice, Picture choice and Yes/No questions, for example, are displayed in a horizontal bar graph:

Results for rating blocks are shown in a vertical bar graph like this:

For Short and Long text blocks, you’ll see the most recent response, and can see the rest by clicking View all Responses:

Now you can see all of your text responses by scrolling through them:

Clicking Collapse question sends it back to its original state, so you can easily go and view other question’s responses.

You can also view and share your results with the Report button. Find out more here.

More ways to get your results

If you don’t want to view your Results here, here are some other ways you can get your results.

Set up our Google Sheets integration
Set up Self Notifications
Send people their responses with Respondent Notifications
Use Webhooks (for developers)
Use our Responses API (for developers)