We’re beavering away on the next version of Typeform. If you’re a v2 Beta Tester, use the tabs below to switch articles. Learn more about v2.


We’re beavering away on the next version of Typeform. If you’re a v2 Beta Tester, use the tabs on the left to switch articles.

Where to find your typeform results

You created a beautiful typeform, shared it, and received a super high response rate! Now it’s time to work with the data you collected.

Where to find the data you collected

Currently we offer insight to your typeform’s submitted results in the Results section under the Analyze panel, where you can search, filter, or order your results.

Furthermore, we offer an auto-generated visual Report with charts that will have the same design as your typeform. You can find the Report (you also have the option of copying the link and sharing it for further distribution) under the Analyze panel, Reports section of your typeform.

You can also monitor your typeform’s submission results by setting up email notifications so that each time a respondent submits a response you get an email.

Finally, if you are a developer, you can fetch your results programmatically with our Responses API, or send a notification containing the response data immediately over the web to your chosen destination using Webhooks.

Export your results

You have several ways to extract the results from your Typeform account:

  1. Export your results manually into an .XLS or .CSV file from the Results table.
  2. Automate the export of your results into a Google Spreadsheet using a Zapier connector.
  3. Export your results using our Responses API.

How to share the data you collected with others

There are several ways you can share your Results:

  1. Through our auto-generated visual Report.
  2. You can share the answers exported.
  3. You can enable Respondent notification emails so each time a respondent submits a response, they will get a copy of their submission in an automated email. This email will then be sent out to each corresponding respondent. You can also customize the template to show only the “correct answers” (by adding them manually) if this is an exam, or quiz, of some sort.
  4. You can enable the Self notification function of the typeform, to automatically send an email notification (with content that you specify) to the email addresses you provide.
  5. You can build an advanced notification system by connecting the typeform via Zapier to third party service such as MailChimp.
  6. Store results in a repository and restrict access to a selected number of people. In order to do this, you must create a Zapier connector that auto-populates a Google Spreadsheet. Once inside of your Google Spreadsheet you have the possibility to share results with a certain group of people.
  7. Alternatively, you can also choose to use our Responses API to pull your results, and then build your own report (to share with others).
  8. Finally, you can upgrade to our PRO+ (team) plan where you can share access to typeforms with other Typeform account holders.
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