Collect and update contacts for HubSpot with a typeform

You can easily connect a typeform to your HubSpot account, and collect contact details and leads for your marketing campaigns.

Once set up, this integration means you can collect and update contact details using a typeform, and that data will automatically be sent to your Hubspot account.

Set up a HubSpot integration

1. Open your typeform from your Workspace, or create a new one. I’ve chosen a short lead generation typeform for collecting people’s contact details. Make sure your typeform has an email question, and set it to required – if not, you’ll be asked to add one.

2. Click on Connect, and you’ll see a panel of available native and external integrations. Choose Send new contacts to HubSpot.

3. Now a message will appear asking you to connect to your HubSpot account. If you have a connected account, choose that. Alternatively, hit Add account which will open a popup where you can sign-in to, or create, a HubSpot account.

4. Once you’re connected, we’ll ask you for the email question you wish to use from your typeform. You might have two! So choose the one you want to send to HubSpot 🙂

5. Now you’ll see this message asking you to continue. Click Let’s do this to configure your integration.

Alternatively, click Nope, I’m done. This sets up your integration just to send email addresses to HubSpot. But if you want to send other details, like name, phone number and so on, let’s continue…

6. Now you can choose which other questions you want to take data from. You can collect data from as many as you want – simply choose a typeform question, and connect it to a relevant HubSpot property. Click + Add another if you want to collect data from other questions.7. Here I’ve added What’s your name?, matched with First Name on HubSpot. 

Click I’m done to continue.

8. Next you’ll see a warning that we’ll send a test result to your Hubspot account. As it says, please don’t delete this entry!

9. You will now see a note about source tracking. This is especially important if you have customers in the European Union who are protected by GDPR regulation. Read more here.

10. Now you’re almost finished. Click Activate integration on the next screen:

11. One last thing! If your typeform has already collected results, you can choose to send them to your Hubspot account now:

12. Now your integration is live! You will be returned to the Connect panel, and will see the Hubspot integration now has a green toggle: 

You can deactivate the integration by clicking the green toggle. Click the three dots icon if you want to delete your integration.

13. As soon as you share your typeform and start collecting responses, they’ll be automatically sent to your HubSpot account!

You can see the contacts you’ve got by logging into HubSpot, and clicking on contacts:

Segment your audience by source in HubSpot

Want to track the source of your leads? Once your integration is set up, you’ll be able to do that in your HubSpot account.

By default HubSpot adds a tracking cookie to your typeform. So if you share your typeform on social media, that will be recorded in HubSpot.

1. Open your HubSpot account, and click on Contacts.

2. Click Actions, and Edit columns:

3. From this menu, make sure you have Original source and Original source drill-down 1 added.

4. Now you can see the source type in Original source, and the specific source in Original source drill-down 1:

In this case my latest contact came from Social Media, specifically Twitter.