Share your typeform in chat apps (BETA)

You can now collect data using typeforms shared in messaging apps, like Facebook Messenger. We think it’s a neat way to use the conversational nature of typeforms in a different environment.

Connecting your typeform to a chat app gives you a new way to share information and collect results. You can still share your typeform as normal too: you’ll find all your results together in the Analyze panel. This feature is still in BETA, and only connects with Facebook at the moment.

Currently you can connect to Facebook Messenger if you own or have admin rights to a Facebook Page.

How to collect responses in a chat app

1. First, create your conversational typeform as usual.

You can currently use the following Typeform features:

  • Short and Long text
  • Statement
  • Multiple choice (randomize, other, and multiple selection are not yet supported)
  • Email
  • Number
  • Rating
  • Piping
  • Logic Jump

We’re still adding features, and this list will be updated regularly.

2. Once you’ve finished, click ‘Collect responses on Chat’, then click the Connect button.

Chat integration 13. We’ll ask for access to your Facebook account. Click Go to Facebook and follow instructions there.

Connect to Facebook4. You will be returned to Typeform, and see a list of any Facebook Pages you manage as an ‘Admin’. Choose the page you want to connect your typebot with, and click ‘Connect‘.

Choose a Facebook PageAlternatively, click +Create a new page to go to Facebook. Here you can create a new Facebook Page to connect with your typeform.

5. Click Chat, and it will open Facebook Messenger, where you can test the connection. Try sending a message to the page in Messenger, or by clicking the Send a Message button on that page in Facebook.Chat integration FacebookIf you want to disconnect your typeform, return to the Collect responses on chat area of the Share panel, and click the Kill button. We’ll ask you to confirm, and then it will be deactivated.

When you first interact with a typebot you’ll see a Start button on the bottom of the chat window. If it’s not your first interaction, you’ll see a message to click the “Hamburger” options menu on the left of the chat window. This will allow you to restart the bot conversation.
Typebot in MessengerNow your typeform is connected!

Note that design choices are not kept in messaging apps – it will look like a normal messenger conversation.

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