Share your typeform

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Welcome to the Share panel. This is where to come when you’ve finished creating your typeform, and are ready to show it to the world.

This video will give you an overview of the different ways you can get your typeform out there once it’s finished.

How to use the Share panel

When you click on the Share panel, you’ll see all the different ways you can share your typeform:

You can share the URL of your typeform by clicking Copy: anyone who clicks this link will be able to see and use your typeform. Clicking the social media and email buttons lets you immediately share it on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Buffer, or via email.

By default, your typeform is not indexed by Google. This means people can’t find it by searching on Google. You can turn this on by going to Meta preview, and then clicking the switch next to Allow indexing.

But that’s not all! You can make your typeform look even better in Google searches and on social media, by adding your own meta image and description. This means that when your typeform appears in a Google search or on Facebook etc, people will see the image and custom text you’ve chosen.

Click Save settings when you’re done!

Now let’s click on Embed into a web page, which allows you to share your typeform on a website:

For full instructions on how to embed your typeform, check out this article.

You can also click Strike up a conversation to share your typeform as a conversation, and either send its link or embed it in a web page.

Head to this article to learn more about how to turn your typeforms into conversations.

Finally, let’s look at Include in an email.

If the first question of your typeform is an Opinion Scale, you can use an email marketing app like MailChimp so people can start it in an email. This article explains how.

Now you’ve shared your typeform, sit back and wait for your results to roll in!