Shopping basket: Multiply by quantity selected

Want your customers to be able to select from different products and quantities in a shopping basket?

Calculator is equipped with Multiply and Divide to help make life easier. And now you can do calculations on Number questions, making a shopping basket so much easier to set up.

In this article, we’ll explain how to use these functions to create a checkout for a shopping cart that adds up the price based on the quantity of a single product that a customer selects.

Let customers choose how many items to buy

You can create a checkout that calculates the total price a customer needs to pay based on the quantity of a particular item they want. Check out this example we created using plane tickets, then read on to find out how we made it:

How to make it

1. Add a Picture Choice question that lists your items, each with a predefined price:

Screenshot showing Picture Choice question

This won’t change the following calculations!

2. Add Calculator to this question and use the +Add function to assign the price of each product.

Screenshot showing how to set up calculations

3. Add a follow-up Number question asking the user to confirm the quantity. You can use Recall Information to show the answer to question 1 and to display the chosen destination in the question:

4. Now add Calculator to this follow-up question. Click the Calculator icon below your question, which opens up the Calculator menu:

5. Click Add a calculation. Now we can set it up to multiply the Price by the answer to this question:

5. Add a Payment question, and make sure you set the Price to 0 (zero):

Screenshot showing location of the price variable in the payment question

And that’s it! Here’s what the final typeform should look like in the Create panel: