Show different Thank You Screens based on score

If you’re using Typeform to create a quiz or a test, you might want to give respondents different feedback depending on the score they achieve.

Let’s imagine you want to create a math test, for example. If the respondent doesn’t do too well, you might want to encourage them to keep practicing. If, on the other hand, they get full marks, you might want to give them a gold star.

For this, you need a Typeform Essentials plan, or higher, which gives you access to multiple Thank You Screens.

Here’s a basic example of what you could do:

So, we want respondents to be shown a custom Thank You Screen depending on their score. For example:

  • Zero questions answered correctly → “Oh dear! You should probably try again..”
  • One question answered correctly → “Whoops! You should probably try again”
  • Two questions answered correctly → “Not bad. Only one wrong! Try again!”
  • Three questions answered correctly → “Awesome you got a perfect score!”

Now let’s look at how we build something like this:
1. Firstly, create your questions:

2. Next, we need to use Calculator to identify when someone answers correctly, and when they answer incorrectly. Click on your first question, then the calculator icon in the settings menu:3. Add a score that matches your own example. In our example, we added 1 to the score for each question if respondents get the correct answer. Here is how we did it for Question 1 “What’s 5 + 5?”: 

4. Once you’ve added calculations to each of your questions, you can create the different Thank You Screens. We’ll have four – one for each possible score 0-4. Each one includes the score (find out more about recalling scores here).
5. The next step is to set up Logic Jump to send respondents to the right Thank You Screen depending on their score. We’ll add them to the last question, question 3. Here’s what our Logic Jumps will look like, for each possible score, we send people to a different Thank You Screen:

That’s it! Click the X in the top right corner of the Logic Jump interface to exit (they are automatically saved), and you can test your typeform!

Show different Thank You Screens based on score ranges

To learn how to send respondents to different Thank You screens based on score ranges (as opposed to a single score), please see this article.

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