Show your respondents the correct answer

When creating quizzes or tests, sometimes you want to give your respondents instant feedback when they choose an answer.

Here is a template. Once you submit it, you will be able to add it to your account:

To build it, you need to add Logic Jumps to your questions and use Statements to display the correct answer:

  1. Add two Statements right after your quiz or test question: one with the text “You’re correct!” and another with “Sorry, wrong answer”. Of course, you can use the text that better suits your typeform Show your respondents the correct answer 01
  2. Set Logic Jumps on your question so all wrong choices jump to Statement (A) and only the correct answer jumps to Statement (B). Show your respondents the correct answer 02

Also, remember to add a jump to “Statement (A)” to always jump to the next question. Do the same for “Statement (B)” in order to prevent your respondents from seeing both statements. Show your respondents the correct answer 03

Additionally, if you want to show your respondents their score at the end of the test, for example with a Thank You screen, you need to use Calculator to add values to each possible answer. See this article for details: Show different Thank You screens based on score.

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