Show your respondents the correct answer

Want to give your respondents instant feedback when they answer a quiz question? It’s simple to do using Logic Jumps.

So you’ve created a quiz (if you haven’t you can find out how, here) and want to let people know if they’re right or wrong as they move through it? Easy. You just need to employ the help of Logic Jumps, which is an Essentials plan (and above) feature.

Here is an example of what we mean. Once you submit this typeform, you will be able to add it to your account and play around with it:

How to display the correct answer to a question

To build this, you need to add Logic Jumps to your questions and use Statements to display the correct answer:

1. Add two Statement questions right after your quiz or test question: one to display if they are correct and another to let them know if they are wrong.

Screenshot showing the addition of two statement blocks

2. Set Logic Jumps on your question so all wrong choices jump to Statement B and only the correct answer jumps to Statement C (in our case Statement A is used to tee up question, which is why these are B and C).

Screenshot showing how to add Logic Jump depending on if answer is right or wrong

3. Now set Logic Jumps on all of your Statement questions so that they always jump to the next question in the quiz.

Screenshot showing how to add logic jumps to a statement