Hidden Fields: Track the source of your respondents

There are many ways to share a typeform. You can send it in an email, embed in your website, push out through social media, and much more. But how can you find out which medium is working best for you? The Results panel lets you track the source of your respondents using Hidden Fields – and it’s really easy to set up.

There are two main parts to setting up Hidden Fields to track sources. You give it a name, such as source, and this is what you’ll be able to see in your results, once you’re getting submissions. Then you’ll have a URL, which you have to edit, to create a different version for each of your sources. You can then share different URLs via different channels, and be able to track them in your results.

In this example, I’m going to share my typeform via email and Twitter, and set up Hidden Fields so I can track how many people are coming from each source

1: Click on any typeform in your Workspace to open it for editing. Then in the Create panel, click the Add new question button, scroll to the bottom and click the Hidden Fields icon.
2: This will automatically open a new field at the top of your typeform build, where you can configure Hidden Fields. We want to track source, so type that word into the field, and hit space.

Now you have your typeform URL prepared with Hidden Fields, you’re almost ready to track your sources.

3: On the left of the Create panel you can find the Live Preview. When Hidden Fields are activated, they will appear inside the URL here. Simply click the URL, and it will be copied to your clipboard.
4: Now I can paste my URL wherever I need to.

I want to share it via email and Twitter. All I need to do is manually edit the Hidden Fields in the URL, to make two versions. Change the ‘xxxxx’ to the name of whatever you want to track:

  1. https://example.typeform.com/to/example?source=email
  2. https://example.typeform.com/to/example?source=twitter

Now, use the first link when sharing the typeform via email, and the second when sharing it via Twitter.

5. Once you’ve collected some results, go to your Results, and you’ll see your sources in the Hidden Field part of the summary when you scroll down:

Now you can track the source of your submissions!