Turn your typeforms into conversations

This is the dawn of a new era of conversational typeforms, and you’re also invited to join in the fun! Read on to find out how to turn your typeforms into conversations and embed them into a web page.

Drumroll … and let the conversation begin:

1. Open the typeform you want to turn into a conversation, click Share, then select Strike up a conversation.

Now you can see what your typeform would look like as a… conversation:

2. Click Full page, Inline or Chat button to select the way you’d like to share your conversation.

3. In Full page mode, simply copy the URL of your typeform to share instantly it as a conversation.

4. In Inline or Chat button mode optionally click Add to upload an Avatar image, and make your conversation even more personal.

5. In Inline mode, you can adjust the size of your conversation, and use the dropdown to select pixels or percentages as your preferred unit.

In Chat button mode, you can select the color of the chat icon you’d like to embed.

6. Check out the conversational demo of your typeform. You can type and select answers here to find out what your typeform will look like as a conversation.

7. Once you’re happy with your conversation settings in Inline or Chat button mode, click Copy code, and simply embed it into a webpage in the selected format.

If you’re still looking for some inspiration before getting started with conversations, head over to the Typeform blog, where you can read about the rise of the conversational interface, or check out our interactive guide to sounding more conversational.