Typeform v2 FAQ

v2 is a new way to make typeforms. It introduces a faster, simpler and more intuitive flow. The new builder is really flexible and has a live preview so you can always see exactly what your typeform will look like. With this new workflow, we’ve found people can make typeforms faster. We’re excited about it, and can’t wait for you to try it out!

All of this means we’ve moved some things around. But don’t worry! This article will help you find your way around our new interface.

Why are we building it?

We wanted to make building typeforms more natural and faster. We also redesigned the platform so it’s easier for us to add new features in the future.

We want to expand the potential of what you can do with a typeform, and this means making some changes. You’ll still be able to make the typeforms like before, and you’ll soon be able to do more, too.

Find out more about the thinking behind v2 over on our blog.

How is v2 organized?

Typeform v2 has four panels – Create, Integrate, Share and Results. If you already use Typeform, you’ll notice right away that there is no more Design or Configure panel. Don’t worry – we’ve moved those features to the new Create panel.


This is where you’ll build your typeform.

Create is the new name for Build. As well as allowing you to make typeforms, you can now use this panel to set up self and respondent notifications, and add your design.

Here’s what you’ll see when you start a new typeform. Each number is explained below.

1. The Editor is where you create your questions. Just start typing, and hit Enter to write a new question. You can change the question type at any time.

2. Blocks. Each block is a different question type. Click a block to add it to your typeform, or drag it across and write the question you want. This is where you’ll find Hidden Fields in v2.

Here are all the blocks you’ll find:

3. Block Settings. Here you can change settings for each of your blocks – e.g. set it as required, add piping, insert images and videos, etc.

4. Design. Choose a color theme for your typeform, or create your own. You can also save the themes you create, for use in any other typeform in your account. This is also where you can upload a background image, which will appear throughout your typeform.

5. Logic Jump. Click here to add Logic Jumps to any valid block. Find out more here.

6. Calculator. Click here to add calculations to your blocks.  Find out more here.

7. Notifications. Set up self and respondent notifications here. You can choose to receive an email every time someone completes your typeform, and send an email to them, if you want. Read more.

8. Settings. This is where you choose language, toggle the progress widget bar, Typeform branding, and redirect on submitting. This is also where you can add your Google Analytics tracking code.

9. Clicking Save changes will make your typeform live and public, and you can now share it. Click the padlock icon to toggle between public and private. In Private mode, people won’t be able to see or complete your typeform, which is useful if you want to make changes or update it.


Want to connect a typeform to another tool or service? Integrate is where that happens.

We have native integrations for MailChimp and Google Sheets, and you can also find a selection of integrations you can use via Zapier. Read more here.

This is also where you can set up your Webhooks. Read more here.


When you’re ready to release your creation into the world, visit the Share panel. Find out more here!


Once it’s out in the wild and people are answering your typeform, you can check out your responses and metrics in the Results panel. This is also where you can download all your typeforms. Check out our Results articles.

Which browsers are supported?

You can use v2 in the latest versions of Chrome and Safari, in Windows and Mac OS.

We’re working on compatibility with Firefox, watch this space!

Download the latest version of Chrome here.

Download the latest version of Firefox here.

Make sure your Mac has the latest version of Safari.

What happens to my old typeforms?

When you move to v2, all your typeforms and data come with you. You won’t lose anything, and if you use any integrations or our APIs, they will be unaffected.

I’ve got some feedback about v2, where can I go?

Please talk to us through the Contact Support button below.