Typeform V2 FAQ

V2 is a new way to make typeforms. It introduces a new flow to the creative process, which we think is more natural. The new builder is really flexible and has a live preview so you can always see exactly what your typeform looks like. You can also write questions before choosing what type they are, and change them afterwards.

With this new workflow, we’ve found people can make typeforms 50% faster. We’re excited about it, and can’t wait to show it to you!

Why are we building it?

We want to make building typeforms more natural and faster. We’re also designing it so it’s easier for us to add new features in the future.

We want to expand the potential of what you can do with a typeform, and this means making some changes. You’ll still be able to make the typeforms you already know, and you’ll soon be able to do more, too.

Find out more about the thought behind V2 over on our blog.

Why is V2 rolling out in stages?

We want to get V2 right, and rolling it out gradually allows us to respond to your feedback and make improvements along the way.

How to use the V2 interface

How to use V21. The editor is where you create your questions. Just start typing, and hit return to write a new question. You can change the question type at any time.

2. Blocks. Each block is a different question type. Click a block to add it to your typeform, then write the question you want. If the block you want has not been built in V2 yet, click Add more to return to Typeform V1 and continue building.

3. In the Live Preview, you can see your typeform being created as you type, so you know exactly how it will look once published.

4. Clicking Publish typeform will make it live and public, and you can now share it. Head to Configure if you want to switch between public and private modes.

5. The toolbar allows you to open question settings, blocks, and more soon. Click on an icon to open it.

What features are currently available in V2?

V2 is currently available for the Build panel, where you create your typeform.

You can use Multiple Choice, Long Text, Short Text, Statement, Rating, Opinion ScaleEmailNumber, Date, Yes/No, Dropdown, Legal, Website, Question Group, File Upload, Payment, Welcome Screen and Thank You screen.

Variables and piping are also available, and you can add images and video to your blocks as normal.

Analyze and the other panels will be brought into V2 over time. They are still available as normal in the top panel.

Logic Jump and Hidden Fields are available, and Calculator is coming very soon. You can always switch back to V1 if you need it!

Which browsers are supported?

You can use V2 in the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Download the latest version of Chrome here

Download the latest version of Firefox here

Make sure your Mac has the latest version of Safari

Can I still use the original Typeform interface?

We’re not abandoning the interface you know. And if you choose to take part in V2 alpha testing, you can always switch back to the original interface.

How can I join the Typeform Private Alpha?

Head over to our blog a little more human where you can apply by completing a typeform (Made in V2!).

I’ve got some feedback about V2, where can I go?

Click the icon shown below, in the bottom left of the Build interface, and you’ll be able to get in touch with us. We love to hear your feedback!

Where are Help Center articles for V2?

While we’re still Alpha testing V2, we want you to play around and experiment without detailed instructions. We’ll update our Help Center articles once development of V2 has more or less finished. 

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