Understand your Results

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The Results section gives you an overview of how many respondents you’ve reached, how they accessed your typeform, and what their answers are to your questions.

To view your results, just head to the Results panel after opening your typeform.

You’ll see the Key stats and Response summary of your typeform under the Summary tab, and a breakdown of all individual answers under Responses:

Key stats

Key stats are segmented into visit and device types, and give you important information about how people accessed your typeform and how effectively you’ve reached them. Read on to see how key stats can help you understand your results.

Types of visits

You’ll see the key stats of different types of visits here, and you might even see different numbers under each category. Here’s an easy way to understand what these visit types mean:

Responses shows you how many times people submitted your typeform. This category also counts duplicate submissions coming from the same IP address

Total visits shows you how many times people clicked Start on your typeform, and triggered at least one event, like answering a question. This category also counts multiple visits from the same IP address, and the times when people didn’t submit your typeform.

Unique visits shows you how many times people started your typeform and accounts for multiple visits from the same IP address. So this is often a lower number – for example, if a few people from the same office visit your typeform, they will not be counted separately.

The percentage under Completion rate shows the ratio of submitted responses per unique visits and the Average time to complete shows just that. Here you might see lower completion rates and higher average times to complete for long or complex typeforms.

Types of devices

Key stats also show you which devices your respondents used to fill out your typeform. Just click a device type to see how many times people used it, how many of them completed your form, and how much time it took them to complete your typeform on each device.

Reset your responses

You can select one, more, or all individual responses in your list and simply click to delete them:
This can be useful when you want to remove results coming from your test submissions. However, if you don’t want to create then delete test responses, you can also find some useful tips for testing your typeform without recording answers here.